About Us

About Royal Restrooms®

Most people have experienced the typical “port-a-potty” at some point and would not prefer to repeat that experience if given a choice. Royal Restrooms of VA is the preferred alternative since we have recognized the need for an upscale, sanitary, affordable and comfortable option.

With the large variety of restrooms, showers and ADA trailers, we can mobilize to any location from our Seattle based office throughout Virginia and beyond.

Whether you are planning an intimate outdoor wedding, family reunion, remodel project, film/music production, large corporate function or a national event, Royal Restrooms of VA can mobilize to accommodate your guests, clients, friends and families, who will definitely appreciate your efforts.

You will be convinced that providing Royal Restrooms at your next event will truly be a Regal Restroom Experience, from our superior customer service down to the ‘Famous Butter Crème Mints’ on the countertops!