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Royal Restrooms creators designed the perfect portable restroom, one with the comforts of home able to go anywhere it is needed. The “perfect portable restroom experience” was born. While we may not have brought in the crochet tissue cover grandma made us but we do have flushing toilets, bright interior lighting, stylish decor, spacious counter top, mirror, and climate control with heat and air conditioning. And, as every mother with small children can relate, we value privacy in the restroom. We created restrooms with individual, private stalls, just like your favorite hotel or five-star restaurant bathroom. One of the best parts is, you can even hire us to serve as attendants for your event. Luxury at its best for your guests!

Where are our restrooms best suited? We wanted them to fit into almost any location, no matter how small or how grand. Outdoor weddings were the first thing that came to mind. Every little girl dreams of their wedding being perfect but not many included a restroom in that fantasy. Thankfully, we have worked out the details so that Grandma doesn’t have to use an unsightly restroom or and guests do not have to walk a ways in their couture shoes to use it. We wanted to make something that blended in with our natural Virginia landscape but stood out from a traditional port-a-potty.

Then we thought about all the other events held outside and those that have inadequate restrooms. There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable line to one bathroom at a gala or event, especially if you are the host. Think of every festival, gala, fundraiser, or concert you have attended but didn’t use the bathroom while you were there because they were sub-par

Large group events are the perfect opportunity for Royal Restrooms to be used. We are able to keep guests, even up to 10,000 people comfortable. No more groping around in a dark port-a-potty trying to stay clean. Golf tournaments, concerts, car shows and food crawls are just a few of the events Royal Restrooms serves each year throughout Virginia.

Many times, a business must remodel their offices, brick and mortar facades, or corporate headquarters. The fear of having to close a restaurant or retail establishment for a period and loose revenue while the needed structural repairs are completed is always in the back of a business owner’s mind. Instead, by using a Royal Restroom, the business is able to allow staff and clients to use a clean, comfortable restroom, meet local and state health codes, and OSHA requirements. This allows business as usual to continue and the business to stay open. Royal Restrooms are not just a pretty potty.

As demand has grown across the country for functioning bathroom trailers equivalent to those for home use, Royal Restrooms has continued to be at the forefront of changing the way Americans think of the outdoor port-a-potty. People now expect a mobile bathroom rather than the “blue box” Royal Restrooms raised the bar and is exceeding those expectations with our full line of restroom and shower trailer options. 

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